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Heat transfer fluid from -48 °C to 270 °C

FRAGOLTHERM® Q-7 is a heat transfer fluid based on hydrogenated mineral oils that is used in a range of -48 °C to 270 °C. The maximum permissible film temperature is 340 °C.

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FRAGOLTHERM® Q-7 has been specially developed for heating and cooling systems. Despite good thermal stability and a low tendency to oxidise, it is advisable to utilize a nitrogen blanket in the expansion tank during use in high temperature ranges, in order to prevent premature ageing.

FRAGOLTHERM® Q-7 is a catalytically hydroisomerized mineral oil produced in a special process, with a high proportion of isoparaffinic hydrocarbons and an extremely low proportion of sulphur, nitrogen and aromatic compounds. The base oil is subject to special hydro-cracking, solvent de-waxing and hydro-finishing processes, as well as subsequent distillation in order to produce a high performance, transparent and almost odourless heat transfer fluid.

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