Heat Transfer Fluids

In Europe FRAGOL provides the widest range of heat transfer fluids for temperatures
from –115 °C up to 430 °C.



Glycols and Brines

Our portfolio contains nearly all common element groups:

  • mineral oils
  • hydrogenated mineral oils (food grade, HT1)
  • silicone oils (bath fluids)
  • synthetic-aromatic heat transfer fluids
  • polyglycols
  • waterglycols / cooling fluids

In addition to the FRAGOLTHERM® series (formerly UCOTHERM®) we also offer products from other suppliers. We are distributors in Germany and Austria for the water bearing coolants of the Arteco ZITREC® series based on the new OAT technology.


At FRAGOL engineers and chemists are in charge to consult our customers in finding the best heat transfer fluids for their individual application. We can offer a portfolio of more than 40 different heat transfer fluids, with which we can cover nearly all possible applications. Therefore we are the preferred partner for most equipment manufacturers, consulting companies and component manufacturers.

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Heat Transfer Fluids

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