Choosing the right vacuum pump oil

Every application warrants its own choice of vacuum pump. The same applies to the oil used in the pump itself. The oil must be applicable for this specific machine type, the gases being evacuated and also for the environment in which the pump is situated. Only when all these variables are taken into account correctly an undisturbed machine operation with long oil changing intervals can be guaranteed.



    Among others, the specific criteria for deciding on the right oil are:

    • Vacuum pump design
    • Maximum/minimum ambient temperatures
    • Desired viscosity grade
    • Make up of the gases being evacuated
    • Compatibility of the gases with the chosen oil
    • Possible gas-impurities
    • The oil's permissible partial pressure (bear im mind temperature variations!)
    • Permanent or temporary oil-gas contact
    • Possible condensate saturation
    • Unusual surrounding factors like use in food-production, humid atmosphere or extreme temperatures.

    Our products achieve optimum coverage of basically all applications you might think of. If large amounts of oil are in use there is also the option of regular analysis of used oil to maximise the life span of the machine's filling.

    The information contained on this website and our product data sheets is meant to give the reader an overview of our wide product portfolio. Please refer to our technical staff to find the perfect product for your purpose.


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