Choosing the correct chain fluid

A penetrating-type chain lubricant not only displaces water but also cleans dirt and wear metals out of the pins of the chain and off the sprockets. It is essentially an oil change for the chain.

The operating conditions (including load, environment, temperature and speed) must also be considered. Maximizing chain life requires attention to detail and the selection of a suitable lubricant.


Chain lubricants should have the following characteristics

  • Sufficiently low viscosity to reach the internal surfaces – a carrier solvent or penetrating component helps to achieve this without lowering the operating viscosity
  • Sufficient body to maintain the lubricating film under load
  • Avoidance of corrosion and varnish formation
  • Ability to maintain lubricating qualities under different temperatures, moistures, etc.
  • Seal for ingress of contaminants

FRAGOL produces a selection of oils for high temperature applications requiring Food-Grade quality.


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