Choosing the correct gear fluid

Selecting the proper industrial gear lubricant is important for the long-term efficient operation of the gear drive. There are many factors to be considered when selecting a gear lubricant for a particular application.


Selection criteria are:

  • Gearbox type: Spur and bevel, helical and spiral bevel, hypoid or worm.
  • Operating conditions: Open or closed casing, load, vibration, speed, temperatures (low to moderate between +20°C and +80°C, hot at more than +80°C and extreme in excess of +120°C).
  • Exposure to humidity, dust or other elements
  • Special requirements such as H1 registration
  • Maintenance conditions: long intervals between oil changes to cut cost
  • Materials compatibility.
  • resistance to micro pitting and grey staining
  • Shear stability

These lubrication specifications are designed to balance the lubrication needs of the bearings, which generally require a light-viscosity lubricant. The specifications are also designed to balance the lubrication needs of the gears, which usually require the use of a medium- to high-viscosity lubricant. This balance can only be achieved through proper viscosity selection.

The information given on our website and in the product sheets is intended to give an overview of our product range.

Our professionals look forward to advising you on the right oil for your application.


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