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Corporate History


2020: Dr. Heiner Müske leaves the Board of Directors on April 30th 2020. Iris Zerfaß is now the sole CEO of FRAGOL AG.
2017: Change of name to FRAGOL AG
2014: Iris Zerfaß is appointed as second managing director. The next generation of the family has now assumed responsibility for the company.
2011: Change of name to FRAGOL GmbH+Co. KG because of the growing importance of the business with heat transfer fluids and in preparation for the increased internationalization.
2006: Takeover of the ANDEROL- and the Arteco- Representation.
2004: Takeover of all remaining shares by managing director Dr. Heiner Müske and his family. Focus on the business units heat transfer fluids and industrial lubricant. Sale of the other business units.
2000: Change of name to FRAGOL Schmierstoff GmbH+Co. KG, to express the growing importance the industrial lubricant business.
1999: FRAGOL becomes official distributor of THERMINOL® heat transfer fluids for Solutia, today Eastman Chemical Company.
1992: Change of name to BREMIN Mineraloel GmbH+Co. KG.
1990: BRENNTAG sells its shares to FUCHS Petrolub AG.
1989: Horst Rommelmann retires after 27 years as managing director.
1985: Dr. Heiner Müske is appointed second managing director.
1971: Change of name to BRENNTAG Mineraloel GmbH+Co.
1962: Brenntag Mineralöl- Chemikalien und Schiffahrts-GmbH (‚Brenntag AG‘ today) transfers ist mineral oil division over to ‚Brenntag Kraft- und Schmierstoff GmbH +Co. KG‘ which is then owned jointly with ‚Deutsche Total-Treibstoff- GmbH‘ (‚TOTAL Deutschland GmbH‘ today) The shareholders own 50% of shares respectively. Horst Rommelmann is appointed first managing director.

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For nearly 60 years FRAGOL is offering competent advice and tailor-made product development for industrial lubricants. We focus on synthetic lubricants and heat transfer fluids and place high value in technical expertise, high performance products and good availability.