FRAGOL Lubricant Logistics

In order to be able to offer our customers additional services, we have added lubricant logistics to our portfolio in cooperation with our partner Rhenus Logistik.

Our customers receive high-quality lubricants from us, which we can fill and label in accordance with legal and customer specific requirements and then ship directly to their end customers or companies abroad.

Warehousing and logistics

We store the lubricants properly on our premises and take over the logistics services for our customers.

  • Warehousing with our partner Rhenus Logistik
  • Neutral shipping (FRAGOL, Rhenus or the customer's name can be cited on the delivery note as the sender, to suit customer wishes)
  • International shipping and shipments with special requirements (dangerous goods, air freight) by Rhenus specialists



  • FRAGOL takes over the lubricant logistics completely; the quantities of lubricants stored locally at the customers' premises can be reduced and potential problems with regard to the storage and forwarding of dangerous goods can be avoided
  • Thanks to the neutral shipping, FRAGOL does not appear as the manufacturer.


Our products are securely and efficiently packaged thanks to our automatic filling system.

  • Filling of 200 ml to 20 litre containers
  • Suitable for filling with food-grade lubricants
  • Automatic sealing
  • Induction sealing
  • Labelling



  • The central adjustment of the screwing parameters assures the correct sealing of the lids.
  • Induction sealing is a contactless process whereby an aluminium sealing disc positioned in the lid is bonded to the opening of a container in order to seal it securely. This prevents liquids escaping from the container.
  • The automatic labelling ensures that the labels are applied with consistent quality.
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