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Heat Transfer Fluids

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Medium temperature range from -30 °C up to 330 °C

In the medium temperature range, we offer special products oriented to serve a wide range of applications. Deciding factors are the temperature range, type of system (open or closed), safety (e.g. risk of fire), statutory provisions (e.g. pressure equipment directive), environmental factors and of course, last but not least, the price/performance ratio.

Our heat transfer media are suitable for this temperature range:

Contact us for further advice from our engineers and chemists. We will find the product tailored to your application!

Areas of application:

  •    Foundries
  •    Plastic injection moulding systems
  •    Vulcanisation plants
  •    Drying and mixing plants
  •    Particle board presses
  •    Systems for handling synthetic fibres
  •    Heat control systems for extruders
  •    Calender rollers
  •    Trace heating

Heat transfer fluids business unit

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