High temperature range up to 400 °C

In order to transfer operating temperatures above 355 °C heat transfer fluids with boiling points below the maximum operating temperature are normally used. While a conventional DP/DPO eutectic is indeed a solid at room temperature, it has very good viscosities compared, for example, to mineral-oil products. There are also products in the high temperature range which are still liquid at temperatures <0 °C and have good viscosities, enabling you to do away with trace heating.

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Areas of application:

  •    Heat recovery in the high temperature range
  •    Indirect heating of chemical processes
  •    Thermal control of extruders
  •    Heating of calender rollers
  •    Trace heating of lines for storage tanks
  •    Heat recovery from flue gases
  •    Cooling of exothermal reactions

Our heat transfer media are suitable for this temperature range:

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