Analysis service lubricants

For OEM customers and distributors we offer a complete portfolio of private label solutions in which the high-quality products from our company go onto the market under the customer's private label.


The following steps are necessary to set up a private label portfolio:


1. The product range

The right lubricants are selected in close cooperation with our technicians. Finding a name for the products is of course up to you.


2. H1 registration

The individual products are now registered accordingly with their “private label” names. We mainly work with 2Probity, but NSF registrations are also possible. It is important to know that the customer, as the “product owner”, has to register himself. However, we are happy to support you in this process.


3. Kosher / Halal

Many customers in the food industry need products with Halal / Kosher certification. We work with renowned and internationally recognized certifiers and will arrange the certification for the private label products accordingly.


4. Safety data sheet

A safety data sheet is often required, even if it is not a hazardous substance. As a service, we create the safety data sheets for your product range.


5. Packaging and labels

As standard, we fill all products in gray containers, the typical container sizes are: 208 liter drum; 20 liter canister; 5 liter canister and 1 liter canister. We also have special sizes and, on request, other containers in our range. Usually, labels are used in the customer's corporate design.



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