FRAGOL climate protection strategy: Heat transfer fluids with CO₂ compensation


Our next step towards climate neutrality: When purchasing selected heat transfer fluids, FRAGOL finances a climate protection project in which just as much CO₂ is saved as the products cause. Customers have the opportunity to make an active contribution to global climate protection.

Climate-neutral heat transfer fluids – a major challenge

From today's perspective, CO2 emissions that occur in the life cycle of a heat transfer fluid are (still) unavoidable in many cases. Because most conventional heat transfer fluids are made from fossil raw materials such as crude oil or natural gas. Their chemical conversion into heat transfer fluids causes significant CO2 emissions.

In addition, heat transfer fluids must have certain properties in order to function efficiently and meet the requirements of different applications. The necessary development of new technologies and production processes requires investments that can affect the price of the products.

FRAGOL is working intensively on alternative approaches to the production of heat transfer fluids from renewable raw materials such as recycled or biogenic waste. FRAGOL has already made significant progress along this path. But time is pressing. That is why we are already facing up to our ecological responsibility and doing everything possible to achieve the global CO2 targets.

Calculation of the ecological footprint

Since 2023, selected heat transfer fluids from FRAGOL have proudly carried the coveted impact label "Works. Sustainable», awarded by the renowned Swiss climate protection foundation myclimate. With the label, myclimate recognizes companies that are proactive in climate protection – by financing measures that reduce CO₂ emissions.

To do this, myclimate calculates all climate-impacting emissions of our heat transfer fluids along their product life cycle – from the extraction of raw materials and production to use and subsequent disposal or recycling.

Compensation through CO2 savings

Based on the ecological footprint calculated in this way, the CO₂ emissions of our products are fully offset elsewhere: as part of a climate protection project.

The drinking water treatment project in Uganda set up by myclimate and financially supported by FRAGOL reduces deforestation and significantly lowers CO₂ emissions – by around 18,000 tons per year. Detailed information on this can be found on the myclimate project website:

Optional: certified products with active climate protection component

Upon request, the following heat transfer fluids can be supplied by FRAGOL with the myclimate label «Works. Sustainable» can be purchased:


For a small surcharge, buyers not only contribute to reducing global greenhouse gas emissions, but also make an active contribution to social, ecological and economic development in the project region together with FRAGOL.

Let's take the next step towards a climate-neutral future! Dr Jens Schumacher, application engineer at FRAGOL, will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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