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Latest news on FRAGOL:


FRAGOLTHERM X-76-A in Asia now available

After the successful realization of numerous 430°C projects in Europe, FRAGOLTHERM X-76-A is now also available in the Asian market. FRAGOLTHERM X-76-A is a specially designed, highly stable heat transfer fluid based on...[more]


FRAGOLTHERM X-T9-A successfully tested in air cycle refrigeration system down to -120°C

The cooling fluid FRAGOLTHERM X-T9-A is a specially modified mixture of polydimethylsiloxanes for use in the low temperature range. FRAGOLTHERM X-T9-A has been successfully tested in an air cycle refrigeration system in which air...[more]


New filling plant for FRAGOL

Due to the COVID-pandemic we had to wait, but now it has arrived: our new filling plant has started operation at the beginning of this month. Due to this big investment we are now well prepared for our growing business and...[more]


Comparable product to Baysilone KT3

FRAGOLTHERM X-T20 and Baysilone KT3 are used in identical temperature ranges and have comparable properties. Due to the same chemistry FRAGOLTHERM X-T20 and Baysilone KT3 are miscible in any proportion. Existing Baysilone KT3...[more]


Goodbye after 40 years

After exactly 40 years with the company, Dr. Heiner Müske will leave the board of FRAGOL AG on 30/04/2020. He will remain the main shareholder and will continue to support FRAGOL as manager for special tasks.His daughter Iris...[more]


Process fluid for ORC systems are still available.

Contrary to the current market situation, we still have sufficient stock of silicon oil based process fluid for ORC turbines.  Please feel free to contact us at any time![more]



FRAGOL has implemented measures to reduce the risk for our employees and to ensure uninterrupted business operations. We have divided the work force into two separate teams with alternating office and home office shifts. To...[more]


New date for WTT-Expo

New date for WTT-Expo: 07 - 09 December 2020!Meet FRAGOL at WTT Expo at Duesseldorf. The Trade fair is linked to the Tube 2020, the world’s most important trade fair for the tube and tube processing industry. You will find us in...[more]


The MOSH and MOAH urban myth

This topic is often covered – unfortunately, the coverage is often wrong and misleading. Our H1 specialist Andre Adam attempts to clarify the situation in the latest issue of the Lube...[more]



Meet FRAGOL at WTT Expo from 30.March until 01. April 2020 in Duesseldorf. The Trade fair is linked to the Tube 2020, the world’s most important trade fair for the tube and tube processing industry. You will find us in hall 7.1,...[more]


New halal and kosher certificates available

The new halal and kosher certificates for the FRAGOL Products are now available for download on our website.[more]


Availability over christmas

Our office is open on 23rd und 27th of December.  In the following week we are available on the 30th of December and from 2nd of January on. We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year![more]


Supporting the food industry with food grade lubricants

Learn more about the new European service provider of H1 registrations as well as the very important difference between H1 and H2 lubricants in the very interesting article from FRAGOL’s Andre Adam....[more]


ISO-Control-audit successfully passed

FRAGOL has successfully passed the external ISO-control audit. We are pleased to announce that our compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 21469:2006 has been confirmed once again.[more]


The 2nd Asian Industrial Lubricants Conference

FRAGOL’s Andre Adam held a paper “Overcome challenges in reaching fully food-grade lubricant status” at the latest ICIS-ELGI industrial lubricants conference in...[more]


FRAGOL technical article in the latest VDI Heat Atlas

The new VDI Heat Atlas has arrived! For more than 50 years the reference book for every engineer dealing with questions of heat transfer. In addition to a detailed presentation of part of the large FRAGOL portfolio, FRAGOL is...[more]


NSF acquires InS Services

NSF International purchased InS Services (UK) Ltd. effective July of this year. Up to this time InS supplied H1 and other product related registrations to the industry for food grade lubricants. Please refer to your FRAGOL...[more]


FRAGOL alternative to Syltherm HF

FRAGOL can offer an inexpensive alternative to Syltherm HF. FRAGOLTHERM X-T15 and Syltherm HF are used in comparable temperature ranges and have similar heat Transfer properties. In contrast to Syltherm HF is FRAGOLTHERM X-T15...[more]


FRAGOL alternative to Syltherm XLT

FRAGOL offers a technically comparable, but significantly cheaper alternative to Syltherm XLT from the FRAGOLTHERM product range. FRAGOLTHERM X-T12 and Syltherm XLT are used in comparable temperature ranges and have similar heat...[more]


FRAGOL professional article to heat transfer fluids

FRAGOL‘s Dipl.-Ing. Susanne Lauterbach is the author of a new paper on heat transfer fluids titled „Thermal Oil – A Standard with Unknown Depth“. The text is available in the latest version of Dipl.-Ing. Walter Wagner’s...[more]


FRAGOL alternative to Syltherm 800

FRAGOL offers a technically comparable, but significantly cheaper alternative to Syltherm 800 from the FRAGOLTHERM product range. FRAGOLTHERM X-75-A and Syltherm 800 are used in comparable temperature ranges and have similar...[more]



The test phase has now begun for the Temperblock® developed by FRAGOL and for which a patent has been applied. The device enables cost-effective tempering of heat transfer media with high temperature accuracy. It can even be...[more]


A lifelong passion for lubes and food safety

Lubizine Magazine has interviewed FRAGOL’s Andre Adam about food grade lubricants. Read more on page 24 in the latest edition.[more]


FRAGOL trainee passed with excellent results

Once again a FRAGOL Trainee passed the final exams at the Chamber of Commerce with grade “A”. Congratulations to Martina Vieten for her excellent results! [more]


New sample information forms

Our sample information forms in English and German have been updated. The current version can be found here. Please note that samples can only be analyzed and...[more]


FRAGOLTHERM W-PGA with new recipe

From 01.06.2019 we have adapted our FRAGOLTHERM W-PGA to the current technical requirements. The additive composition has been updated and is now free of silicate, nitrite, nitrate, amines and borate. Through this improved...[more]


Alternatives gain ground

The number of users which switch from Therminol® 66 to more environmentally friendly alternative products is increasing. The latest one was a company with food related production processes that switched to FRAGOLTHERM FG-35 which...[more]


Comparable products to Marlotherm

FRAGOL offers from the FRAGOLTHERM product range comparable products to Marlotherm SH, Marlotherm LH, Marlotherm FG und Marlotherm XD . The FRAGOLTHERM heat transfer fluids and the Marlotherm products are used in comparable...[more]


Update for our lubricants

We have updated our lubricants website and provide a new brochure about our industrial and H1 lubricant Portfolio. [more]


FRAGOL will chair the upcoming ELGI Food Grade Lubricants Working Group

FRAGOL will chair the upcoming Food Grade Lubricants Working Group at the 31st Annua General Meeting of ELGI on April 14 in Athens, Greece. The working group is anticipating a partition of over 100 members this event of many...[more]

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