FRAGOL now climate-neutral company!

We are very pleased that FRAGOL is now a "climate-neutral company". This latest step of our sustainability concept has been completed!

We compensate...

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Replacement of cooling fluids with environment-friendly alternatives

In the past, sustainability played only a subordinate role in the selection of the optimal cooling fluid. Therefore, products with partly negative...

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Heat transfer fluid alternatives without CMR classification

There have been numerous reclassifications of synthetic thermal oils within the framework of the REACH regulation. One example are products based on...

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Merry Christmas!

Another extraordinary year is coming to an end.

We wish everyone a merry and contemplative Christmas and a healthy and successful year 2022!


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Werden Sie Teil des FRAGOL-Teams!

Wir suchen Mitarbeiter für den Verkaufsinnendienst und einen Auszubildenden zum Kaufmann im Groß- und Außenhandel (alle m/w/d)!
Wenn Sie Spaß an...

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New product: Liquid for electronic cooling FRAGOLTHERM® E-Coolant

Our world is constantly changing and so is the way we move around. E-Mobility is an essential element of climate protection concepts and we are now...

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Result: A+!

As part of Madlin Stotz' master thesis, FRAGOL developed a device which can measure vapor pressures at temperatures of up to 400 ° C. The measuring...

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Flexibility is our strength!

Our dedicated team is always there for you - even in an emergency at the weekend. Recently we were able to prevent an impending plant shutdown in a...

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Refilling and total changeover of Mobiltherm 594 thermal oil systems? No problem with FRAGOLTHERM Q-7!

The physical data and the temperature range of FRAGOLTHERM Q-7 and Mobiltherm 594 are similar. FRAGOLTHERM Q-7 is even approved up to a maximum flow...

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New year, new brochure

We wish all of you a happy and healthy 2021! Just in time for the new year, we are presenting the new brochure about our heat transfer fluids.


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