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Professional articles

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10 questions for lubricants professionals

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Verband Schmierstoffe-Industrie e.V. 11/2017

Mineralöl in Lebensmittel

Mineral oil in Food Products

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Food Grade Lubricants

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Sicher durch den Winter

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MOSH/MOAH Article Questioned

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Clearing the Air of MOSH and MOAH.

2017/02 Eurogrease - April May June

MOSH and MOAH; a laymen's explanation.

MOSH and MOAH; a laymen's explanation

Mineral oil saturated hydrocarbons and mineral oil aromatic hydrocarbons.

Food Science & Technology 04/2012

Lubricants in the food- and pharmaceutical industry: clarification urgently required!

Food Marketing & Technology 05/2012

Food Grade Lubricants - What more can we do as an industry?

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H1 Food Lubricants in the Industry

CAV 10/2011

Effizienter Betrieb durch Auswahl des optimalen Wärmeträgers

Die KÄLTE und Klimatechnik 04/2010

Effizienzsteigerung von Wärmepumpen durch optimierte WT-Flüssigkeiten

CITplus 11-12 2009

Analyse von Wärmeträgerflüssigkeiten

Wirtschafts-Forum 2/2019

"Fokussiert zum Erfolg" - Beitrag aus dem Wirtschaftsforum 02/2019


To make sure our customers receive optimal support, FRAGOL offers a wide range of consultancy and services for heat transfer and lubricant applications.