Replacement of cooling fluids with environment-friendly alternatives


In the past, sustainability played only a subordinate role in the selection of the optimal cooling fluid. Therefore, products with partly negative properties for humans and the environment were often selected. 
FRAGOL offers alternatives with significantly better ecological and more sustainable properties.  We explicitly discuss this topic in the technical consultation.
Currently, a German pharmaceutical company has changed a system with approx. 20 m³ of diethylbenzene-based cooling fluid to the more environment-friendly FRAGOLTHERM F-12
After checking the slightly different physical properties with regard to a possible change in performance in the existing system, the switch to FRAGOLTHERM F-12 was made.
The complex cooling system has been working for several months without any change in performance. The changeover was a complete success.
If you have similarly critical heat transfer fluids in use, please contact us!

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