New product: Liquid for electronic cooling FRAGOLTHERM® E-Coolant


Our world is constantly changing and so is the way we move around. E-Mobility is an essential element of climate protection concepts and we are now paving the way to emission free traffic.  There is not only a transformation of transportation, but also an overall increase of requirements concerning the whole supply chain.

Until now, electrical motors have been cooled with the help of halogenated liquids, which form hazardous decomposition products. While producing, using and disposing of these liquids, amongst others, fluorinated gases and chlorofluorocarbons, many of which have high global warming and ozone depletion potential, are being formed.

FRAGOL AG has developed an electronic liquid based on silicon oil, which has none of these climate and health damaging properties. Because of its great physiochemical properties, FRAGOLTHERM® E-Coolant can be used for a broad spectrum of electronic applications without the disadvantages of the traditionally used fluids. Please contact us for further consulting services!

Link: FRAGOL E-Coolant 80

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