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Choosing the correct hydraulic fluid

Hydraulic systems are complicated fluid-based systems for transferring energy and converting it into useful work. Successful hydraulic operations require the careful selection of hydraulic fluids that meet the system demands.

Selection criteria are:

  • System design (piston pump, vane pump)
  • Need for oxidation resistance (piston pump) and wear resistance (vane pump)
  • Ambient and operating temperatures
  • Viscosity requirements, including viscosity index
  • Compatibility requirements of the oil with seals present
  • Cleanliness and detergency properties offering contamination control
  • Control of air release and foam
  • Heat transfer properties for the removal of heat
  • Surface protection against corrosion
  • Protection against varnish formation


Three common varieties of hydraulic fluids found on the market today are petroleum-based, water-based and synthetics.

Our synthetic fluids offer excellent lubrication characteristics in hydraulic applications for the food-industry. Their designs offer performance levels targeting future trends, such as: smaller systems, reduced cycle times, higher temperatures, higher pressures, extended life, water tolerance and noise restrictions.

FRAGOL also offers HFC type water-based fluids (Water/Glycol) for applications requiring fire-resistance.


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