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Heat transfer fluid from -12°C to 320°C

FRAGOLTHERM® Q-32-N is a heat transfer fluid based on hydrogenated mineral oils that is used in a range of -12°C to 320°C. The maximum permissible film temperature is 340°C.

Application Area


Typical application fields are foundries, chipboard presses, calenders, vulcanization, plants, drying and mixing systems. The low steam pressure enables presureless operation of the heat transfer system. With use in high temperature ranges a nitrogen blanket is recommended in the expansion tank, in order to prevent premature ageing.

FRAGOLTHERM® Q-32-N is a mineral oil-based heat transfer fluid with high resistance to ageing. It is based on highly refined, specially treated base oils. Prerequisites for a long service life of the heat transfer fluid are careful configuration of the system and compliance with the recommended maximum bulk and film temperatures.

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Heat transfer fluids business unit

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