Heat transfer flushing fluid with HT1 approval

Heat transfer flushing fluid with HT1 approval

FRAGOLTHERM® Flushing Fluid FG is a heat transfer fluid based on hydrogenated mineral oils that is used up to a maximum bulk temperature of 315 °C. The maximum permissible film temperature is 345 °C.

FRAGOLTHERM® Flushing Fluid FG can be used for flushing heat transfer systems in the food industry. The product serves to prepare the heat transfer system for the use of the actual heat transfer fluid with HT1 approval.

FRAGOLTHERM® Flushing Fluid FG should remove assembly residues in new systems and flush out old oil during oil changes.


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FRAGOLTHERM® Flushing Fluid FG-33 has been classified by the NSF as “HT1”, i.e. it is approved for applications in which unintended contact with food may occasionally arise.

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