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Heat transfer fluid from -25 °C to 240 °C

FRAGOLTHERM® S-20-A is a heat transfer fluid based on polyalkylene glycol that is used in a range from 0 °C to 240 °C. The maximum permissible film temperature is 250 °C.

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Very good pumpability is guaranteed even at low temperatures, due to the exceptional viscosity behavior. The thermal conductivity is over a wide temperature range constant. It is used for example in plastic processing machines, mould preheating devices, systems for processing synthetic textile fibres and chemical plants.

FRAGOLTHERM® S-20-A is cold water-soluble. This is significant if a system is to be rinsed with water, or parts that have been temperature controlled with the heat transfer fluid In the event of fires breaking out these can be extinguished with water.

FRAGOLTHERM® S-20-A is a water-free yet water-soluble synthetic heat transfer fluid from polyaklyene glycol derivatives, which lies in its optimum working range with bulk temperatures of between 100°C and 240°C. Within this temperature range this heat carrier is superior to other heart transfer fluid in terms of keeping the system clean, even if their maximum permissible bulk temperatures are higher.

FRAGOLTHERM® S-20-A also contains special anti-aging agents. Decomposition products are either volatile constituents or constituents that are soluble in the heat transfer fluid. Heat-conducting surfaces therefore remain free from residual products. The high flashpoint of >260°C still lies above the maximum permissible film temperature and therefore offers a major advantage in comparison to other heat transfer fluids with respect to fire protection.

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