Heat transfer fluid from -73 °C to 315 °C

FRAGOLTHERM® F-LT is a synthetic heat transfer fluid that is used in a temperatur range between -73 °C and 315 °C. The film temperature at the heater must not exceed 340 °C.

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FRAGOLTHERM® F-LT can be used both in the vapour and liquid phase due to its special composition and can be mixed with products of comparable composition. In the liquid phase the product can be used without pressure in the temperature range between -73 °C and 181 °C and with pressure superimposition up to 315 °C. Its use in the vapour phase enables very precise temperature control for sensitive consumers.

FRAGOLTHERM® F-LT is very well suited for heating/cooling processes and applications in the low-temperature range due to its excellent viscosity and the associated good heat transfer properties.

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