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Zitrec® S

Heat transfer fluid from -55 °C to 95 °C

Zitrec® S is a water-miscible heat transfer fluid based on organic salts that is used in a range of -55 °C to 95 °C.

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Zitrec® S provides good thermal properties as well as low viscosity. At low temperatures, this assures good pumpability. These ready-to-use mixtures contain a carefully balanced corrosion inhibitor package that assures optimum protection against corrosion. 

Zitrec® S is particularly well suited to applications in the chilling range down to -50°C at optimum viscosities. The specific thermal capacity is significantly higher when compared to other organic media.

The applications range from heat pump systems, for industrial cooling and air-conditioning systems to use as a coolant in indirect cooling systems for artificial ski slopes or ice rinks.

Zitrec® S with just a few exceptions, is compatible with most comparable thermal transfer fluids. However, we recommend that it should be used without mixing in order to ensure optimum corrosion protection. When it is mixed, this entails a risk of flocculation. Flocculation of this kind can damage the pumps. Special care should be taken when mixing Zitrec® S with brines based on calcium chloride and pure potassium formate because these substances can increase the risk of corrosion. Zitrec® S must not be diluted with water. Additional water would not only alter the freezing point but would also greatly reduce the level of protection against corrosion. If wrongly mixed, Zitrec® S can freeze in the system. This in turn can give rise to extensive secondary damage. It is advisable not to use Zitrec® S in systems containing zinc or galvanised steel. 

Zitrec® S is a glycol-free heat transfer fluid based on organic salts. Zitrec® S is a brine based on propionate and formate salts.

The corrosion protection of Zitrec® S is based on the innovative OAT technology where, in contrast to conventional technology, only one molecular protective layer forms in the area at risk of corrosion. This assures lifelong corrosion protection. The anti-corrosion capability has been confirmed in standard and special corrosion tests. ASTM 1384 is a standard test that is used frequently in the automotive industry. In this test, test strips made of aluminium, cast iron, steel, brass, soldering tin and copper are stored in the test fluid at 88°C for 2 weeks. The variable in this test is the addition of corrosive salts (chloride, sulphate and carbonate) and oxygen that is blown through the test fluid. Both variables lead to increased levels of corrosion (refer to data sheet for the figures on this).

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