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Zitrec® IC

Heat transfer fluid from 0 °C to 95 °C

Zitrec® IC (formerly Zitrec® A) is an aqueous heat transfer fluid with corrosion inhibiting properties that is used in the range of 0 °C to 95 °C.

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Zitrec® IC has good thermal conductivity by virtue of its high proportion of water. It also has a high heat capacity and low viscosity.

To assure good corrosion protection, it is advisable to use at least 6% Zitrec® IC in water-based preparations.

Zitrec® IC is an organically based multifunctional corrosion inhibitor that is used as a heat transfer fluid whenever no anti-freeze is required. Zitrec® IC contains an optimised inhibitor package, in order to guarantee maximum and long-lasting corrosion protection, at both high and low temperatures. The inhibitors based on carboxylate technology (OAT) deliver longer service life than conventional products. The anti-corrosion capability has been confirmed in standard and special corrosion tests.

Zitrec® IC is compatible with most heat transfer fluids based either on mono ethylene glycol or on propylene glycol. To achieve optimum system protection, we recommend using Zitrec®* M on an exclusive basis, This corrosion inhibitor package can be used with European hard tap water.

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