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Zitrec® F

Heat transfer fluid from -50 °C to 170 °C

Zitrec® F is a water-miscible heat transfer fluid based on propylene glycol that is used in a range of -50 °C to 170 °C.

Application Area


Zitrec® F is suitable for use in the foodstuffs industry, by virtue of its chemical composition. Zitrec® F holds HT1 approval from the NSF as well as AFSSA approval. (direct or indirect contamination of Zitrec® F with foodstuffs should be avoided. It is not intended as a foodstuffs component nor as an additive).

Typical fields of application include cooling in the beverage industry, e.g. the chilling of wine, beer, milk and fruit juices. Zitrec® F is used in breweries to cool fermentation and flavouring tanks. Zitrec® F is used in bottle-filling plants for carbonated beverages as a heat transfer fluid to prevent the fluids from cooling. Another field of application is indirect deep-freezing. In this process, products and heat transfer fluid are only separated from one another by a dividing layer (e.g. a metal panel or packaging material). This contact cooling is used primarily to cool fish and meat products.

Zitrec® F is available as concentrate Zitrec® FC and as a finished mixture. Dilution is dependent on the system requirements and above all on the desired cooling temperature. Mixtures containing more than 60 % Zitrec® FC in water are not recommended as the physical properties deteriorate, e.g. the heat transfer.

Zitrec® F is miscible with the majority of conventional heat transfer fluids based on propylene glycol. However, to protect against corrosion, we recommend using it without any mixing.

Zitrec® F is a heat transfer fluid based on mono propylene glycol.

Zitrec® FC should only be diluted with softened water.

The combination of FDA-approved ingredients, a low level of toxicity and a high level of corrosion inhibitor make Zitrec® F a unique product. Only a few products offer sufficient protection in plants made of copper or aluminium. Due to the fact that copper and/or copper alloys are used very frequently in the foodstuffs sector, Zitrec® F offers superlative protection. The anti-corrosion capability has been confirmed in standard and special corrosion tests.

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