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Ready-to-use special heat transfer fluid for solar plants based on 1,2-propylene glycol

FRAGOLTHERM® W-VR is an aqueous heat transfer fluid based on propylene glycol that is used in a range of -28 °C to 200 °C.

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The content of corrosion inhibitors in FRAGOLTHERM® W-VR protects all metal materials conventionally used in solar technology and mixing installations on a long-term and reliable basis against corrosion, ageing and incrustation. FRAGOLTHERM® W-VR keeps the heat transfer surfaces clean and in this way guarantees a consistently high degree of efficiency of the plant to be protected.

If the following conditions are observed, FRAGOLTHERM® W-VR can be used in solar plants that reach standstill temperatures of up to 320 °C:

  • Prior to reaching the maximum standstill temperature, it must be possible to fully discharge the FRAGOLTHERM® W-VR present in the collectors at the start of the stagnation state by means of evaporation, and capture this in the expansion tank.
  • FRAGOLTHERM® W-VR must not be exposed to constant temperatures of more than 170 °C.

Temperatures above 200 °C lead to a slow thermal decomposition of the 1.2 propylene glycol that can be detected by dark colouration of the heat transfer fluid. This can severely reduce the service life of the medium.

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