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Heat transfer fluid from -50 °C to 170 °C

FRAGOLTHERM® W-ECO is a water-miscible heat transfer fluid based on ethylene glycol that is used in a range of -50 °C to 170 °C.

Application Area


FRAGOLTHERM® W-ECO is particularly well suited for use in heat pump systems, for cooling and heating industrial processors, and as a coolant in indirect cooling systems for artificial ski slopes or ice rinks.

FRAGOLTHERM® W-ECO provides good thermal conductivity, high heat capacity and low viscosity that enable good pumpability at low temperatures.

FRAGOLTHERM® W-ECO is available as a prepared mixture and in concentrate form. The degree of dilution is dependent on the system requirements and above all on the desired frost protection temperature. The ready-to-use solutions are not simply dilutions of the concentrate, but each contains the complete corrosion protection package. Mixtures containing more than 60 % FRAGOLTHERM® W-ECO in water are not recommended as the physical properties deteriorate, e.g. the heat transfer.

The corrosion protection of FRAGOLTHERM® W-ECO is based on the innovative OAT technology where only one molecular protective layer forms in the area at risk of corrosion in contrast to the conventional technology. This achieves lifelong corrosion protection. The thin protective layer thickness also provides additional heat transfer benefits. The anti-corrosion capability has been confirmed in standard and special corrosion tests.

FRAGOLTHERM® W-ECO iis compatible with most conventional heat transfer fluids based on ethylene glycol. However, in order to attain the optimum system protection, we exclusively recommend using FRAGOLTHERM® W-ECO.

FRAGOLTHERM® W-ECO is compatible with conventional technical materials.

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