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Heat transfer fluid analysis service

FRAGOL offers a comprehensive analysis service for heat transfer fluids. This places particular value in evaluating the results of the analysis.

The following tests are offered:

  • Synthetic heat transfer fluids according to DIN 51529
  • Mineral oil-based heat transfer fluids according to DIN 51529
  • Determining the proportion of silicone oil in the thermal oil for biomass heating plants with ORC circuit.
  • Special analytics


FRAGOL will provide suitable sample containers if necessary.

Sample information form

Please note that samples can only be analysed if we receive a fully completed sample information form.

Download the necessary sample information form here.

Sample information form in German

Sample information form in English

Please fill out the form and enclose a printed copy with the sample. Please also send the file to the following e-mail address: Proben-HTF (at)

Furthermore, we provide guidelines for proper sample collection here.


Checkliste für eine ordnungsgemäße Probenentnahme:

  • Ausreichende Spülung der Entnahmestelle
  • Probeentnahme aus dem Hauptkreislauf
  • Temperatur des Thermoöls bei Abfüllung in Probengefäß möglichst <80 °C
  • Verwendung geeigneter Probengefäße


To make sure our customers receive optimal support, FRAGOL offers a wide range of consultancy and services for heat transfer and lubricant applications.