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We regularly employ wholesaler trainees. Wholesalers buy goods of all sorts from the manufacturer or other suppliers and sell them to retailers, tradesmen and industry. They check incoming goods and stock levels, order new product and plan deliveries. They ensure cost effective warehousing and delivery by controlling the supply chain.

We as a company take a particular interest in our trainees and their education. During the two year trainee program they are supervised and supported by experienced employees to ensure a successful final exam at the Chamber of Commerce. The results of our efforts speak for themselves: Our trainees of the last 5 years were among the Top 5% in our Chamber of Commerce area. 50% of our operations staff are former trainees.


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For nearly 60 years FRAGOL is offering competent advice and tailor-made product development for industrial lubricants. We focus on synthetic lubricants and heat transfer fluids and place high value in technical expertise, high performance products and good availability.